Metal Detectors

We carry in stock a wide selection of metal detectors.

One of our employees, Jim Ellis is factory trained to demonstrate and operate the various models.

All of the detectors we carry  are American made and are backed by a full two year warranty, which may be transferred from the original owne to another user.

All machines come with complete instructions and are of the highest quality.

We also have a selection of books and videos which offer instruction in the use of metal detectors.  Many of our machines are available with Spanish instructions.

Whether you want a machine for occasional hobby and leisure use or you need one for some really serious professional application, we can help you.

To obtain a free catalog contact us at 760-489-6058, fax 760-745-4816, email: ,or better yet stop in to see Jim.

Frequently Asked Questions about metal detectors.  Please Note - We offer the following information as a free source of help.  Although we have been in business for many years we do not believe we always have the best answer.  If you come up with better answers, please share them with us.  If you have a pertinent question which is not answered below please contact us and we'll do our best to help you.

1.  Q: How deep will the detector go? A:  A conventional detector will penetrate average soil conditions about 9 inches to locate a quarter.  By changing to a large loop (head) the depth can be increased by up to 50%.  The size of the object, the conductivity of the metal, the soil conditions, the skill of the operator, how long the item has been buried, and the positioning of the object in the ground are some of the several factors that determine how deep an item can be detected.  We do carry specialized detectors which can go much deeper.  One of our machines can find a Volkswagen buried at 20 feet.   The same machine can't find a nickel lying on top of the ground, however.

2.  Q: What are the brands that you carry?  A: Believe it or not, the manufacturer has forbidden us to say on the internet!  I guess if you want to know you can call us.  I am not sure if we can tell you in an email.  Legal matters befuddle me!  I can say that we only carry one brand.  We have sold metal detectors for about 25 years and in the past have stocked a variety on makes.  All of them have been good, but there is one brand that has always stood out as having the best overall value when you consider cost, quality, training, and warranty work.  Getting curious?  I hope so.

3.  Q: I am thinking about quitting my job, buying a detector, and making my living by finding gold and stuff.  What are my prospects?  A: Unless your current job is something like rinsing out used bread wrappers at the recycling center we recommend you buy the detector, keep the job, and see just how much gold and stuff you can find on your days off.  Based on feedback we get, a typical detector hound can pretty easily find enough items of value to pay for the cost of the machine.  If you consider the time spent in metal detecting as entertainment, this makes for a very nice hobby.  If you consider your time as labor, though, you will probably decide that rinsing out those bread wrappers is not so bad after all.  We do know of one man who actually found a $4800 gold nugget the very first time he went prospecting with a detector.  He did quit his job when that happened, but he will tell you that he hasn't found very much of value since that first day.

4. Q: Do you sell used machines?   A: Yes, when we have them.  You must keep in mind that the brand we sell has a two year warranty (which is transferable to a new owner).  If you buy a machine that is used but is still under warranty you are pretty well protected.  Once the warranty expires, however, you must pay for any repairs.  Fortunately metal detectors don't break down too often (stay away from the Yugo brand, though) so you possibly will be able to get many years of enjoyment out of even a used machine without having to pay for much other than batteries.

5.  Q: Speaking of batteries, I bought a really nice looking detector at the swap meet.  It is the brand that you carry, but the batteries are missing.  Can you sell me new batteries? A: We probably can help.   All of the newer machines take conventional alkaline AA or C batteries.  Some that are a few years old use those little 9 volt jobs that go into smoke detectors (or if you are my age were used in portable transistor radios).  Machines before that use batteries that are more difficult to get.  When you go back far enough you will find that batteries are either no longer available anywhere or that they are very expensive and must be special-ordered.

6. Q: Do you offer lessons?  A: Jim Ellis is factory trained.  When you buy a detector from us they will show you how to use it and answer any questions you might have.  If you get it home and forget what they told you they will be happy to go over everything again.  We also have videos which give basic instructions.  You can borrow these from us (deposit required) or you may purchase them for about $20 each.  There is also the factory instruction manual, which is included with the machine.  If you still don't understand or if you just think it would be cool to hang out at the park with Ray or Jim you can hire them to go out hunting with you.  This is not part of their regular job description, so you must pay them for whatever time they spend with you

7.  Q: I still have other questions.  Can you answer them?  A: Inquisitive person that you are, we will try.   Please contact us with any other questions you have.  You can also call us to find out the web site of the brand of detector we carry and you can go there and spend all day looking around the factory, etc.

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