Coin and Stamp Supplies

We keep in stock all commonly used items for storing and displaying your coin and stamp collections. Using products sold by us, you can insure the protection of your valuable items from environmental damage as well as enhance their attractiveness for viewing by you and your friends.

Brands carried include:

Capital, Whitman, Harris, Scott, Minkus, EZest, Dansco, Meghrig, Hagner, Permagard, Showgard, and Blue Ribbon, as well as others.

If we do not have it in stock, any item can be special ordered for you (deposit required). 

We do not normally offer supplies by mail order. However, if you live in an area where there are no suppliers, call us at (760) 489-6058 and we'll try to help.

Frequently Asked Questions about coin and stamp supplies.  Please Note - We offer the following information as a free source of help.  Although we have been in business for many years we do not believe we always have the best answer.  If you come up with better answers, please share them with us.  If you have a pertinent question which is not answered below please contact us and we'll do our best to help you. 

1. Q: I have an old stamp album that needs the update pages for the last ten years.  Can you get them for me?  A: In some instances we can help you, but it depends on what is available from our inventory and from suppliers.  Often if there are several years of update pages missing it is cheaper to buy a whole new album than to pay for all of the missing pages.

2. Q: I need some items that you don't have in stock.  Can I order them over the phone and come in to get them when they come in?  A: Yes, but you must give us a deposit using a charge card.   We have had too many instances where people have special ordered something, paid no deposit, and then not come in to pick it up.  No more of that!  I still remember this really attractive blond haired lady from Mexico City who asked Ed to order a certain very expensive binder for her.  Heck, Ed would have done anything she asked.  He would have ordered her an original copy of the Gutenberg Bible if she had asked him.  Well, we still have that binder here after more than ten years but that blond haired beauty never came back.  Ed still looks out the window for her, though.

3.  Q: Can you recommend the best storage system for my stamps and coins?  A: We think it is best if you can come in and talk to us about this.  There are a lot of very practical options, but some ways are better for certain people than others.

4. Q: Won't putting hinges on the back of my stamps to mount them damage the gum?  Isn't it better to use mounts instead?   A: Mounts are better, but considerably more expensive.  If you have a stamp that is worth only a cent or two do you really want to spend several times that price to put it into a mount?  Hinges are still the most practical way to affix stamps into an album at a reasonable price.  Mounts are best for expensive items.

5.  Q: My very expensive coin album that I bought several years ago seems to be damaging my coins.  The plastic pages feel oily to the touch and some of the coins have a green substance on them.  Should I remove them from the album?  A: Get those coins out of that album right away.  It probably contains a substance called PVC which can do a lot of damage to coins - especially copper ones.  These coins need to have that green scum removed, too.  Don't do it until you have discussed the whole matter with us or some other dealer or numismatist.  If the cleaning is done improperly even more damage can be done.

6.  Q: My particular question isn't answered here.  Will you help me?  A: We'll try.  It is possible that you will be able to find the needed information on our Coins and Currency page.  If that doesn't help contact us and we'll either answer your question right away or find someone who can.

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